Teams of department D4

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ARCHWARE The main research domain of the ArchWare team concerns the software architecture. The software architecture provides the abstraction in order to rigorously design, develop and evolve software-intensive systems. D4 - Language and software engineering
DEVINE DEVINE: Dependable distributed systems: Verification made efficient Further information to come (including the research team's website) The overall goal of the Devine project-team is to contribute to the design of dependable distributed systems... D4 - Language and software engineering
DIVERSE The main objective in DiverSE is to automatically compose and synthesize software diversity from design to runtime to address unpredictable evolutions of software intensive systems. D4 - Language and software engineering
EPICURE EPICURE The frequent announcements of yet another cybersecurity breach show that the security of the software that surrounds us is, more than ever, a scientific challenge of utmost societal importance. More and more software is produced to operate... D4 - Language and software engineering
HYCOMES HYCOMES, Hybrid Modeling and Contract-Based Design for Multiphysics Embedded Systems Our vision is that hybrid systems modeling tools deserve similar efforts in theory as synchronous languages did for the programming of embedded systems. Scientif... D4 - Language and software engineering
LogicA LogicA, Logic and Applications Nowadays, many of our daily activities which were in the past performed in the ‘real’ world and in interaction with other humans, are carried out in a digital world in interaction with non-human ‘agents’: classic... D4 - Language and software engineering