IRISA at the heart of a rich ecosystem of innovation

In supporting companies in their innovations, IRISA benefits from a rich ecosystem of development, transfer and innovation, characterized by an abundance of devices.

As a major player in this ecosystem, IRISA runs a series of seminars aimed at promoting scientific activities and industrial transfer, notably on software and system security (SoSySec), on the security of software/hardware interfaces (SiLM) in collaboration with the DGA, and on the multidisciplinary aspects of privacy and algorithms (RadX).

IRISA and the "Images et Réseaux" competitiveness cluster

The pôle I&R manages the financing of innovation projects, for example from regional funds, encourages collaboration between research and the private sector, supports and labels proposals for innovation calls and selects projects for certain calls. IRISA has 5 members on the selection and validation committee and the board of directors.

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A large number of projects involving the laboratory are labeled by the cluster: the Alamo IOT platform to connect, collect and exploit data flows of connected objects in the agricultural world, the Delora solution for precise geolocation of buried networks, the Plug&Pos kit for high-precision indoor geolocation, the start-up Wipsea dedicated to the preservation of biodiversity.

IRISA also collaborates with other clusters such as the Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique or ID4CAR.

IRISA, a key player in the Pôle d'Excellence Cyber (PEC)

Initiated by the Ministry of Defense and the Regional Council, the Pôle d'Excellence Cyber is the hub of development of the sector in the Region. It brings together entities from the Ministry of the Armed Forces (ComCyber, DGA-MI) and numerous companies ranging from large groups (Orange, Airbus, Thales ...) to SMEs (Amossys, Quarkslab, Secure-Ic ...) and start-ups.

IRISA is a major player in the PEC with notably Jean-Marc Jezequel, director of IRISA and professor at the Université de Rennes as coordinator of PEC research.
Within IRISA, there are more than 140 researchers involved in cybersecurity, 3 dedicated teams and a transversal axis Cybersecurity.

L’IRISA and the Institut de Recherche Technologique b<>com

A true collaboration between IRISA and the Institut de Recherche Technologique b<>com that allows us to explore how our fundamental research work can be transformed into market applications.
IRT b<>com, funded by both private and public actors, is a technology provider for companies wishing to accelerate their competitiveness through digital technology.
Several of our research teams collaborate on topics such as artificial intelligence, immersive video and audio, the Cloud, 5G networks, virtual reality and medical imaging.

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Many IRISA researchers are involved in b<>com projects with part-time participation, especially our PhD students.
Guillaume Gravier, director of IRISA, is a member of the scientific committee in charge of project selection.

L'IRISA and the SATT Ouest Valorisation

Satt Ouest Valorisation accompanies IRISA in a large part of our projects and technological development towards companies, including software protection and licensing, negotiation of bilateral contracts with industry.
The role of SATT Ouest Valorisation supports cooperation between public research and companies. It accompanies a large part of the projects resulting from IRISA and the technological development towards companies, including the protection and licensing of software, the negotiation of bilateral contracts with industry.

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Several projects have been co-financed by SATT Ouest valorisation and helped to accelerate their transfer to the industrial world: Eole Eyes, IntuiScript, XRaken

The IRISA with EIT Digital in Rennes

EIT Digital est une KIC (communauté de la connaissance et de l’innovation) de l’Institut Européen d’Innovation et de Technologie (EIT) dont la mission est de contribuer à la compétitivité européenne en renforçant la capacité d’innovation des Etats-Membres
IRISA is a key player at the CLC EIT Digital in Rennes, notably in the training programs for the three Masters programs offered at the University of Rennes (Cloud and Network Infrastructures - Cyber Security - Data Science) and in innovation projects on cloud computing, cybersecurity and the smart city.

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MyCarlot, Drive Trust, …


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