Doing an internship at IRISA

Are you a bachelor's, master's or engineering student interested in doing an internship in the laboratory?

IRISA takes on an average of a hundred interns a year, including internationals, in its forty or so research teams.

Why do an internship at IRISA?

This work placement will give you the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge and skills you have acquired during your studies by working on laboratory projects. Above all, it can be a springboard towards a doctorate.

Each year, you can choose from dozens of internship subjects that we offer, most of which are funded by the University of Rennes or the CNRS through project-based funding.
Supervised by your tutor, who is an expert in the field of your placement, you will be immersed in a research team that benefits from the resources of IRISA and the Inria Centre at the University of Rennes. You will also have access to the IRISA environment thanks to the many links we have with innovative companies, in particular through the Michel Métivier Foundation (of the Rennes Foundation), the Inria Foundation or the CNRS Foundation and the rich innovation ecosystem.

How is your placement agreement processed?

  • As soon as your tutor has agreed to take you on as a trainee at IRISA, you will receive from the host team the information you need to fill in the sections of your placement agreement, as well as the deadlines that must be met to enable the placement to start on the desired date. Please note that a minimum of three months is required to process your placement. This period is irrevocable, regardless of the funder.
  • It is up to you to manage your complete file independently (including the compulsory documents relating to your insurance, your bonuses and the evaluation of your placement) and to collect all the signatures within the deadlines you have been given.
  • As the last signatory, we will give you an original copy of your placement agreement.

Important: for reasons of responsibility, your internship cannot begin under any circumstances and you cannot be welcomed at IRISA until all parties have signed the internship agreement.
You will not be welcomed at IRISA until all parties have signed the placement agreement, which is subject to receipt of the complete application.

If you have any questions about the courses, please contact pguatirisa [*] fr