Teams of department D1

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CAPSULE CAPSULE: Applied Cryptography and Cryptographic implementation Security CAPSULE’s research activities are organized along four axes, namely symmetric-key cryptography, post-quantum cryptography, security of cryptographic hardware and software... D1 - Secured and large scale systems
CIDRE The long-term goal of the CIDRE team is to improve the security level of the widely deployed systems, to provide systems that can withstand malicious events and respect the privacy of their users. D1 - Secured and large scale systems
KERDATA KERDATA : Scalable Storage for Clouds and Beyond KerData is a joint project-team of Inria, ENS Rennes and INSA Rennes and is part of the IRISA lab. The KerData project-team is exploring innovative software architectures and systems for extreme... D1 - Secured and large scale systems
MAGELLAN Magellan: Reliable and Responsible Decentralized Computing Infrastructures The research team Magellan aims to enable the creation of efficient, robust, environment-friendly and rigorously-evaluated decentralized computing infrastructures. It focuses... D1 - Secured and large scale systems
SPICY SPICY: Security & PrIvaCY The SPICY research team addresses questions related to cryptographic protocols, privacy, and formal methods for security. SPICY hosts 7 faculty members and researchers from CNRS,  ENS Rennes, INSA Rennes, and University of... D1 - Secured and large scale systems
WIDE WIDE : The World Is DistributEd, Exploring the tension between scale and coordination WIDE is a joint research team of Inria and IRISA (CNRS UMR 6074), hosted at University of Rennes 1, in Rennes, France. We are a 15+ strong group of researchers... D1 - Secured and large scale systems