Head of team
Guillaume Pierre (Professor Université de Rennes)

Magellan: Reliable and Responsible Decentralized Computing Infrastructures

The research team Magellan aims to enable the creation of efficient, robust, environment-friendly and rigorously-evaluated decentralized computing infrastructures. It focuses its research efforts on reliable decentralized computing infrastructures, reliable decentralized application runtimes, distributed infrastructure frugality, and evaluation methodologies and tools..

Research directions

  • Reliable decentralized computing infrastructures
  • Reliable decentralized application runtimes
  • Distributed infrastructure frugality
  • Evaluation methodologies and tools


Creation date
Reporting institution
Inria, Université de Rennes, CNRS, ENS Rennes, INSA Rennes
Campus de Beaulieu, Rennes (35)
Continuation team