Head of team
Benoît CAILLAUD (Researcher at Inria)

HYCOMES, Hybrid Modeling and Contract-Based Design for Multiphysics Embedded Systems

Our vision is that hybrid systems modeling tools deserve similar efforts in theory as synchronous languages did for the programming of embedded systems.

Scientific field and research theme

The work of the Hycomes team revolves around one application: cyberphysical systems engineering, combining physical and software models.

Two lines of research are privileged:

  1. modeling and simulation of hybrid systems, combining dynamics in continuous and discrete time;
  2. contract design methods for cyberphysical systems.

The team's work meets the following objectives

  • The design of modeling languages for hybrid systems allowing a modeling style close to physics;
  • The development of accurate simulation techniques, allowing to simulate models with guaranteed semantics;
  • The design of compilation techniques for hybrid languages allowing separate compilation and improving the reusability of component models;
  • The use of contract reasoning techniques, allowing the expression and verification, by compositional methods, of the specifications of cyber-physical systems.


Creation date
Campus de Beaulieu, RENNES (35)
Activity reports
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