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Leader: Flavio OQUENDO (Univ. Bretagne Sud)

The main research domain of the ArchWare team concerns the software architecture. The software architecture provides the abstraction in order to rigorously design, develop and evolve software-intensive systems. It is the cornerstone to tame system complexity and to satisfy extra-functional requirements. The team develops innovative and sound languages, processes, and tools for architecting evolving software. The main project of team focuses on the scientific and technological challenges raised by architecting Systems-of-Systems (SoS).

Research directions

Archware addresses the scientific and technological challenges raised by the software architecture of complex software-intensive systems. In particular, it addresses an emerging class of evolving software-intensive systems that is increasingly shaping the future of our software-reliant world, the so-called System-of-Systems (SoS). SoSs exhibit evolutionary architectures for creating emergent behavior to meet global missions.

The targeted breakthrough for Archware is to conceive sound foundations and a novel holistic approach for architecting trustworthy software-intensive SoSs, encompassing:

  • Abstractions, formalisms and underlying computational models to formally describe and analyze the software architecture of SoSs;
  • Abstractions, formalisms and mechanisms to construct, manage, and evolve SoSs driven by architecture descriptions, while resiliently enforcing their correctness, effectiveness, and efficiency;
  • Abstractions, formalisms and mechanisms for specifying and operating SoS missions, deriving abstract architectures, as well as generating concrete SoS architectures in operational environments;
  • Abstractions, formalisms and mechanisms for co-specifying and co-enforcing cybersafety and cybersecurity to achieve trustworthiness in SoS architectures.
Created since: 1st januar 2012
Associated establishments: Universitty of South Britanny (UBS)
Location: Vannes (56)