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Congratulations to Maud Marchal for her ERC Consolidator Grant 2022

Maud Marchal is professor at INSA Rennes and researcher in the RAINBOW team For her project ADVHANDTURE, Maud Marchal received a Consolidator Grant. Maud is interested in the design of new haptic interfaces and associated algorithms to interact with virtual worlds. The main objective of her research activities is to improve 3D interaction with complex virtual environments by proposing new [..]

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12 "MCF/PR" positions to be filled

Within the framework of the synchronized recruitment campaign 2023 for junior or senior faculty members, IRISA is a host laboratory for 12 MCF or PR positions, in association with partner training components. Consult the page

Awards & nominations

CompCert awarded by the prestigious Association for computing machinery (ACM)

The CompCert compiler has been awarded from the prestigious Association for computing machinery (ACM), for the second time CompCert is the first multi-architecture optimising compiler used in industry with a mathematical proof of correctness verified by computer. Developed by several researchers*, including Sandrine Blazy, Professor at the Université de Rennes, Deputy Director of IRISA and member [..]

Press review

When the press and the media talk about IRISA

When the press and the media talk about IRISA, they talk about artificial intelligence, data sciences, cybersecurity, virtual reality, energy, robotics .... To read or re-read

Awards & nominations

Shadi Ibrahim named ACM Distinguished member

Shadi Ibrahim, an Inria researcher in the Myriads team, was named as “ACM Distinguished member” at the end of december 2022 for outstanding scientific contributions to computing. ACM (the Association for Computing Machinery), World’s Largest Computing Society Honors 2022 Distinguished Members for Ground-Breaking Achievements and Longstanding Participation. ACM has named 67 Distinguished Members [..]


Our expertise in the field of metavers requested by the CNPEN, the National Digital Ethics Steering Committee

At the beginning of 2023, our scientists welcomed the CNPEN - Comité National Pilote d'Ethique du Numérique - to present their research in the field of metavers The CNPEN is the pilot national committee for digital ethics, under the aegis of the CCNE (national consultative committee for ethics). Its role is to enlighten the public debate on the ethical issues of the digital age and to draft [..]


Olivier Commowick passed away

Inria pays tribute to Olivier Commowick, who passed away on 24 December 2022. Olivier Commowick, Inria researcher, defended his thesis in 2007 in the Asclepios project-team at Sophia, then did a post-doc at the Harvard Medical School before joining the Inria centre at the University of Rennes, within VISAGES and then Empenn. On December 24, 2022, Olivier left us at the end of an illness that he [..]

Voeux IRISA 2023 visuel

The members of IRISA wish you a wonderful year 2023!