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Around twenty positions to be filled

Within the framework of the synchronized recruitment campaign 2024 for junior or senior faculty members, IRISA is a host laboratory for around twenty positions , in association with partner training components. Consult the page

Vidéo de Sandrine Blazy qui nous parle de ses travaux de recherche

Sandrine Blazy awarded CNRS silver medal

[Award] Congratulations to Sandrine Blazy, professor at the University of Rennes and member of the EPICURE team, who has been awarded the CNRS silver medal. Sandrine Blazy's research focuses on the development of secure software. Her contribution focuses on the IT tools that enable a written programme to become executable: compilers.


A method for comparing the metabolism of photosynthetic eukaryotes

[Plant biology scientific results] Genome-scale metabolic networks make it possible to model all the known chemical transformations in the metabolism of a given organism. Comparing them on a large scale means overcoming the problems of heterogeneity among the available genomes. In an article published in Genome Research, scientists from LBI2M, the Roscoff Biological Station and IRISA propose an [..]

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Four new members of the Institut universitaire de France at IRISA. Congratulations to ...

Angeliki Kritikakou , associate professor, Université de Rennes Maud Marchal, professor, INSA Rennes appointed Junior Members of the Institut Universitaire de France for the Innovation Chair Pierre-Alain Fouque , professor, Université de Rennes Jean-Marc Jézéquel , professor, Université de Rennes appointed Senior Members of the Institut Universitaire de France for the Fundamental Chair Their [..]


Discover the OFF! Program to be held during the ICT4S international conference

ICT & Sustanabilty Discover the OFF! Program events taking place in the city of Rennes and on the Beaulieu campus: - conference by Jean Jouzel - conference by Hugues FerreBoeuf/The Shif Project - artistic performances at the Diapason - debate in a pub in the city - round table with industrialists, political decision-makers and researchers Don't wait any longer, discover this attractive programme [..]


Sandrine Blazy, winner of the CNRS silver medal 2023

Congratulations to Sandrine Blazy, Professor at Université de Rennes, specialist in software science and deputy director of IRISA. Sandrine Blazy's research is aimed at the development of secure software. Her contribution focuses on the computer tools that allow a written program to become executable: compilers. Read more on the CNRS website © Jean-Claude MOSCHETTI - CNRS-Photothèque

maud Marchal / INSA/FranckBoisselier

Congratulations to Maud Marchal for her ERC Consolidator Grant 2022

Maud Marchal is professor at INSA Rennes and researcher in the RAINBOW team For her project ADVHANDTURE, Maud Marchal received a Consolidator Grant. Maud is interested in the design of new haptic interfaces and associated algorithms to interact with virtual worlds. The main objective of her research activities is to improve 3D interaction with complex virtual environments by proposing new [..]

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When the press and the media talk about IRISA

When the press and the media talk about IRISA, they talk about artificial intelligence, data sciences, cybersecurity, virtual reality, energy, robotics .... To read or re-read