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Leader: Jean-Pierre TALPIN
Tim, Events and Architectures

Time modeling in system design

    •  Time systems and calculi — logical and algebraic representations
    •  Time abstractions and refinements — logical and algebraic relations among time domains
    •  Conformance and mitigation — Verification of timed quantitative properties, automated synthesis of adapters for synchronisation

Time as a viewpoint in system analysis

    •  Logic and quantitative reasoning for analysis and verification
    •  Type inference, abstract interpretation, SAT/SMT verification
    •  Control and schedule synthesis, abstract affine scheduling
    •  Types, modules, interface and contract algebra

Application to embedded system design

    •  An infrastructure for polychronous modeling, analysis and (translation validated) code generation, the Eclipse IWG Polarsys project Polychrony on Polarsys
    •  A standard for modeling time  in architecture analysis and design
    •  Architecture exploration, virtual prototyping, virtual integration

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Created since: 01/01/14
Associated establishments: Inria, CNRS
Location: Campus of Beaulieu, RENNES