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Leader: Rémi GRIBONVAL


Parsimony and New Algorithms for Audio & Signal Modeling

Building upon the rare scientific culture of the former METISS project-team, at the interface between audio modeling and mathematical signal processing, the global objective of the PANAMA project-team is to develop mathematically founded and algorithmically efficient techniques to model, acquire and process high-dimensional signals, with a strong emphasis on acoustic data. Applications fuel the proposed mathematical and statistical frameworks with practical scenarii, and the developed algorithms are extensively tested on targeted applications. PANAMA’s methodology relies on a closed loop between theoretical investigations, algorithmic development and empirical studies.

Created since: : "Pré-équipe" 07/12/12 ; Team 01/01/13
Associated establishments: Inria, Université de Rennes 1, CNRS
Localisation : Campus de Beaulieu, RENNES (35)