Head of team
Franck MULTON (researcher, Inria)

MIMETIC : Analyse-Synthèse d'une approche de simulation humaine virtuelle

MimeTIC is a multidisciplinary team interested in better understanding, modeling and simulating human movement. To address this issue, MimeTIC's work is organized in a loop based on a strong coupling between motion analysis and simulation. Analysis provides fundamental knowledge for the simulation of autonomous and reactive virtual humans in dynamic environments. Analysis also provides efficient databases to develop original example-based simulation. Conversely, modeling and simulation make it possible to address original and complex issues of motion analysis. In particular, we make original contributions in the capture of movements on site, outside the laboratory, and on the estimation of parameters that cannot be directly measured, such as muscle tensions. From an efficient estimation of user actions, and a realistic and reactive simulation of virtual humans, we develop an original axis of use of virtual reality to better understand motor control, train motor skills, or interact via avatars in interactive simulated worlds. These works allow us to bring original contributions in the fields of sport, rehabilitation, motor control, ergonomics, virtual cinematography, or digital entertainment. The team's work is based on and contributes to the immerStar platform, offering unique means of motion capture, or interaction in virtual worlds via avatars.

Creation date
Reporting institution
University of Rennes 1, Inria, ENS Rennes
IRISA Rennes, Campus de Beaulieu
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