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Leader: Franck MULTON (Pr. Univ. Rennes 2)

Analysis-Synthesis Approach for Virtual Human Simulation

The main objectives of MimeTIC are to:

  • Address the complexity of real human motions
  • Simulate realistic motions, behaviors and interactions of virtual humans
  • Demonstrate that VR enables better motion understanding and simulation

To reach these objectives, our research is organized into three main axes:

  • Motion analysis: designing innovative protocols and models to enhance knowledge on motion control for complex tasks
  • Autonomous virtual humans: simulating realistic autonomous virtual humans that can interact with their virtual environment as real  humans would do in the same situation
  • Physical activity in virtual reality: using autonomous virtual humans to carry-out experiments on real humans and modifying experimental condition by changing the virtual environment models to improve fundamental knowledge and train people to complex motor skills
Created since: 31/05/13 Team : 01/01/14
Associated establishments: University of Rennes 1, Inria, ENS Rennes
Location: Campus of Beaulieu, RENNES