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Leader: Laurent AMSALEG

Creating and exploiting explicit links between multimedia fragmentslogo Linkmedia

The challenge that multimedia faces today is that of context awareness, i.e., describing documents in the context in which they appear (context of a collection, social context, etc.). Following this line of thought, the seminal idea of LinkMedia is that of content-based media linking with the ultimate goal of enabling better multimedia applications and new innovative services. Taking a content-based perspective, we seek to create explicit links at different levels to better reflect the context:
links at the signal level, e.g., with repeating patterns; links at a semantic level, e.g., to follow topics or stories; links at a paradigmatic level, e.g., to have further details or comments on a topic. Pursuing the global objective of context-aware linked media collections, Linkmedia seeks to develop methodological, technological and scientific foundations to create, describe and exploit explicit links within multimedia collections on a large scale.

Fact following team:  TEXMEX
Created team since: 01/07/14
Associated establishments: Inria, Université de Rennes 1, CNRS, INSA Rennes
Location : Campus of Beaulieu RENNES (35)