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Leader: Anatole LÉCUYER

Hybrid research focuses on multiple user inputs, and intends to exploit both motor activity (motion-tracking) and mental activity (brain-computer interfaces). We want to create novel “body-based” and “mind-based” controls of virtual environments, and reach in both cases immersive and efficient 3D user interfaces. We also want to introduce a “hybrid approach” which will mix mental and motor activities in virtual reality. Hybrid applications are in the field of industry (virtual prototyping), medicine (surgical simulation, rehabilitation), design (architectural mock-ups), digital art, or videogames.

Hybrid follows three main axes of research:

  • Body-based interaction in virtual reality (real-time physical simulation of complex interactive phenomena, haptic and pseudo-haptic feedback)
  • Brain-based interaction in virtual reality (3D user interfaces based on brain-computer interfaces and mind-based control)
  • Hybrid and collaborative 3D interaction (Collaborative virtual environments with multiple users, and shared systems with body and mind inputs).
Created since:  01/07/13
Associated establishments: University of Rennes 1, Inria, INSA Rennes
Location: Campus de Beaulieu, RENNES (35)