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Fog computing is the future of the cloud - only more frugal and efficient

The research of Guillaume Pierre, professor at the University of Rennes1 and head of the Myriads research team, in The Conversation (article in french only)
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Imagine being able to touch and interact

with the objects in a virtual environment: the immersion would be even greater.
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Vote en présentiel dans une urne ©Shutterstock

Between transparency and confidentiality, is electronic voting viable?

In France, where the first lockdown was imposed immediately following the initial round of the 2020 municipal elections, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought remote electronic voting back to the forefront.
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Camera et journaux Texte: press review

Retrospective of press article in 2020

Retrospective 2020 : When the press and the media talk about IRISA
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How did our ancestors walk?

When the research team Mimetic is interested in paleoanthropological issues related to bipedalism. Discover the ANR HoBis research project.
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Two people slipped into the same body . . . virtually!

The experience is unprecedented. So much so that it has led to the invention of a word: co-incarnation.
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La 5G -the Conversation Photo©Alex Bracken / Unsplash

The 5G, how it works explained by Xavier Lagrange on The Conversation

Xavier Lagrange, explains the technological aspects of how 5G works on "the Conversation".
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Concentration d'un gardien de but. ©iStockPhoto

How to improve the attention of goalkeepers?

Front-page article of the CNRS journal. Research work carried out in collaboration with, among others, the HYBRID and MIMETIC research teams.