It's a first! The "intelligent" electric wheelchair tested in cultural venues in Rennes

Submitted on 02/05/2022

A higher step taken ...

As part of the European ADAPT, Marie Babel (INSA associate professor in the Rainbow research team) is working on the development of an electric wheelchair driving aid with the teams at the Saint Hélier centre.

Today, not all people with disabilities have access to electric wheelchairs. At the risk of jeopardising the safety of people, visual impairment, for example, does not allow the driving of this type of wheelchair. And yet the wheelchair is synonymous with independence and autonomy.
So Marie and the partners of  project, including the Pôle Saint Hélier have come up with an electric wheelchair capable of avoiding obstacles. Equipped with sensors, the wheelchair creates a sort of protective zone around itself, allowing it to correct or adapt its trajectory.


Article Ouest France avril 2022


After being tested in research and hospital environments and on a racetrack, the "intelligent" electric wheelchair developed by Marie Babel and the Pôle Saint Hélier teams is now being tested in a real-life situation in two museums in Rennes: the Musée de Bretagne aux Champs-Libre and the Musée des Beaux-Arts

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