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Claudio Pacchierotti, awarded the CNRS bronze Medal 2022

On Tuesday 29 November 2022, the CNRS Talents 2022 ceremony was held to reward those who contribute to the influence and progress of research. Congratulations to Claudio Pacchierotti, a researcher in haptics at IRISA, who was awarded the CNRS Bronze Medal. Discover his portrait (in french only) © Jean-Claude MOSCHETTI / IRISA / CNRS Photothèque

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portrait  André Seznec @com Inria

André Seznec receives the Inria Innovation Award - Académie des sciences - Dassault Systèmes

Congratulations to André Seznec who receives this new award, proof of his expertise in the field of microprocessor architecture. André Seznec - Inria researcher, formerly head of the Architecture department at IRISA and member of the PACAP team - has been conducting research on microprocessor architecture for 40 years. He designed and built a first prototype of a matrix computation gas pedal. Then [..]

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De gauche à droite : Florian Nouviale (ingénieur de recherche INSA), Valérie Gouranton et Bruno Arnaldi (enseignants-chercheurs INSA/ IRISA)

Virtual Reality, 3 scientists from IRISA rewarded for the creation of the Xareus software

The Valorisation trophies of the Rennes Innovation Campus reward Bruno ARNALDI, Valérie GOURANTON (INSA teacher-researchers) and Florian NOUVIALE (INSA research engineer) for the Xareus software, a tool to help the programming of virtual reality applications. A simplification that allows to graphically program a scenario or to display the possible interactions between compatible virtual objects [..]

visuel ECW 22

Workshop "Implementation of post-quantum cryptography"

IRISA is a partner of the EUROPEAN CYBER WEEK, the unmissable cybersecurity event in France. In the continuity of the 2021 edition, the DGA - Information Management, IRMAR and IRISA labs co-organize with the support of the Pôle d'excellence cyber, the Creach Labs, the CNRS and Inria, the second edition of the days on "Implementation of post-quantum cryptography". The objective of these days is to [..]

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A research team scrutinise cryptographic protocols

(in french only) Plutôt que de réparer incessamment des failles de sécurité une fois qu’elles ont été exploitées par un attaquant, il est possible de réduire ces risques en aidant les cryptographes à les détecter en amont grâce à des outils de vérification de protocoles. C’est l’objet des recherches en cybersécurité d'une équipe de scientifiques* dont les travaux ont été récompensés par un [..]

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Photo du trophée en plaque

IRISA's Gender Equality and anti-harassment committees receive the Minerva Informatics Equality Award

The Minerva Informatics Equality* prize was awarded on Tuesday, October 25 to IRISA's Gender Equality and anti-harassment committees This prize rewards all the work and actions implemented by these two committees: the Gender Equality Committee created to encourage and support women's careers in computer science research and teaching. And the anti-harassment commmittee(founded after the first one) [..]

Walter Rudametkin

Walter Rudametkin, membre junior de l'Institut universitaire de France

Congratulations to Walter Rudametkin who has been elected Junior Member of the Institut Universitaire de France. Walter Rudametkin is a professor at the Université de Rennes 1 (ESIR) since October 1st and conducts his research in the Diverse team. Specialised in the study and fight against Internet tracking, Walter Rudametkin has been running the Am I Unique website since 2014, which details our [..]

Livre "Le corps en images", page de couverture.

The contribution of digital sciences and Artificial Intelligence in medical imaging

The contribution of digital sciences and Artificial Intelligence in medical imaging As part of the "Information Sciences and Health" thematic year of the INS2I of the CNRS, a day dedicated to new imagery for health was co-organised by IRISA in December 2020. This day was an opportunity to pay tribute to Christian Barillot, who died on 14 June 2020. Following this day, the organisers asked experts [..]