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First place in the ITU Graph Neural Networking Challenge 2020 competition

Loïck Bonniot, industrial Phd student in the research team WIDE, and his team 'Steredeg' have won 1st place at the Graph Neural Networking Challenge 2020, organized as part of the AI/ML in 5G Challenge of l'ITU (the International Telecommunication Union), a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for all matters related to information and communication technologies. Loïck's solution [..]


December 16 & 17: Nouvelles Imageries - days in tribute to Christian Barillot

In our digital world, information sciences play a leading role in a number of areas, particularly in the field of healthcare. To give just a few examples: Tomorrow's medicine will rely on data science to analyze masses of heterogeneous data on pathologies, patients, genomics, etc. in order to propose a personalized, preventive, predictive and participatory approach; Robotics becomes a precious [..]


Explicability of AI, a hot topic with implications scientific and societal...

At IRISA, researchers are studying the interpretability and explicability of artificial intelligence algorithms, a topical issue particularly in relation to ethics. Should algorithms explain the reasoning behind their decisions, for example, so that their fairness can be assessed? Discover the article by Erwan Le Merrer (Researcher Inria, member of the Wide team) "Remote explainability faces the [..]

Awards & nominations

Congratulations to Daniel De Almeida Braga for second place at CSAW 2020

Daniel De Almeida Braga is a PhD student in the EMSEC team and is supervised by Pierre-Alain Fouque and Mohamed Sabt. He won second place in the Applied Research competition for his publication "Dragonblood is Still Leaking: Pratical Cache-based Side-Channel in the Wild". CSAW is the world's largest academic cybersecurity competition. This year, the qualification phases brought together 1,600 [..]

In the press

How did our ancestors walk?

How did Australopitecus, Homo habilis and our other ancestors or "cousins" work? To find out, the biomechanics and computer scientists of the HoBis project are modeling the walking of human specimens covered with sensors, but also that of baboons, occasional adepts of movement on their two hind legs... To discover this report proposed by the CNRS in partnership with (in french) Franck [..]

Awards & nominations
Symposium Micro 2020 et nom du prix B. RAMAKRISHNA RAU -logo IEEE Computer Society

The B. Ramakrishna Rau Award to André SEZNEC

André Seznec, Research Director at Inria/IRSA, member of the PACAP team, was once again rewarded at the international symposium of Microarchitecture 2020. Created in memory of B. Ramakrishna Rau, this award is presented in recognition of his brilliant career in promoting and expanding the use of innovative techniques in computer microarchitecture, including his innovation in compiler technology [..]

Awards & nominations

Career Award for JM Jézéquel obtained at ACM/IEEE MODELS 20

Jean-Marc Jézéquel, Professor at the University of Rennes1, Director of IRISA and specialist in software engineering, awarded a Career Award at the 23rd ACM/IEEE international conference MODELS 20 "Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems". This Career Award recognizes Professor JM Jézéquel's longstanding scientific and leadership contributions to the MDE community and identifies him as a [..]

Visuel de la conférence sur la Gestion des données, journées francophone BDA

BDA 2020 Days: strong participation of our scientists

36th Conference on Data Management - Principles, Technologies and Applications: Discover the program Due to the current health situation and its multiple implications, the BDA 2020 conference will be online and free for everyone. Free registration is required.