Research Reports


  1. A. Stainer. Frequencies in Forgetful Timed Automata. Research Report INRIA, No 8009, 2012. details pdf


  1. Nathalie Bertrand, Thierry Jéron, Amélie Stainer, Moez Krichen. Research Report INRIA, No 7501, 2011. details pdf


  1. N. Bertrand, A. Stainer, T. Jéron, M. Krichen. A game approach to determinize timed automata. Research Report INRIA, No 7381, October 2010. details pdf
  2. Y. Falcone, H. Marchand. Various Notions of Opacity Verified and Enforced at Runtime. Research Report INRIA, No 7349, August 2010. details pdf
  3. Ph. Darondeau, J. Dubreil, H. Marchand. Supervisory Control for Modal Specifications of Services. Research Report INRIA, No 7247, April 2010. details pdf
  4. Y. Falcone, Fernandez J.-C, T. Jéron, H. Marchand, L. Mounier. More Testable Properties. Research Report INRIA, No 7279, April 2010. details pdf


  1. Gwenael. Delaval, Hervé Marchand, Eric Rutten. BZR Contracts for Modular Discrete Controller Synthesis. Research Report INRIA, No 7111, November 2009. details pdf
  2. F. Cassez, J. Dubreil, H. Marchand. Dynamic Observers for the Synthesis of Opaque Systems. Research Report IRISA, No 1930, May 2009. details pdf
  3. C. Morvan. Contextual graph grammars characterizing context-sensitive languages. Research Report IRISA, No 1926, March 2009. details pdf
  4. J. Dubreil, Ph. Darondeau, H. Marchand. Supervisory Control for Opacity. Research Report IRISA, No 1921, February 2009. details pdf


  1. G. Kalyon, T. Le gall, H. Marchand, T. Massart. Control of Infinite Symbolic Transitions Systems under Partial Observation. Technical report of the verification group Université Libre de Bruxelles, No 103, October 2008. details pdf
  2. Ch. Morvan, S. Pinchinat. Diagnosis of Pushdown Systems. Research Report IRISA, No 1904, October 2008. details pdf
  3. J. Dubreil, T. Jéron, H. Marchand. Monitoring Information flow by Diagnosis Techniques. Research Report IRISA, No 1901, August 2008. details pdf
  4. C. Baier, N. Bertrand, P. Bouyer, T. Brihaye, M. Grosser. A Probabilistic Semantics for Timed Automata. Research Report No LSV-08-13 Laboratoire Spécification et Vérification, ENS Cachan, France, April 2008. details pdf
  5. J. Dubreil, Ph. Darondeau, H. Marchand. Opacity Enforcing Control Synthesis. Research Report IRISA, No 1887, March 2008. details pdf


  1. V. Rusu, M. Clavel. Theorem proving for Maude's Rewriting Logic. Research Report Irisa, No 1873, 2007. details pdf
  2. C. Constant, B. Jeannet, T. Jéron. Automatic Test Generation from Interprocedural Specifications. Research Report IRISA, No 1835, March 2007. details pdf
  3. E. Dumitrescu, A. Girault, H. Marchand, E. Rutten. Optimal discrete controller synthesis for the modeling of fault-tolerant distributed systems. Research Report INRIA, No 6137, March 2007. details pdf
  4. T. Jéron, H. Marchand, S. Genc, S. Lafortune. Predictability of Sequence Patterns in Discrete Event Systems. Research Report IRISA, No 1834, March 2007. details pdf
  5. T. Le Gall, B. Jeannet. Analysis of Communicating Infinite State Machines using Lattice Automata. Research Report IRISA, No 1839, March 2007. details pdf


  1. C. Breunesse, E. Hubbers, P. Koopman, W. Mostowski, M. Oostdijk, V. Rusu, R. de Vries, A. van Weelden, R. Wichers Schreur, T. Willemse. Testing the Dutch e-passport. Research Report Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 2006. details
  2. J. Dubreil. Non-Interference on Symbolic Transition System. Master Thesis Uppsala University, February 2006. details pdf
  3. T. Jéron, H. Marchand, V. Rusu. Symbolic Determinisation of Extended Automata. Research Report IRISA, No 1176, February 2006. details pdf
  4. T. Jéron, H. Marchand, S. Pinchinat, M-O. Cordier. Supervision Patterns in Discrete Event Systems Diagnosis. Research Report IRISA, No 1784, February 2006. details pdf


  1. Bertrand Jeannet, Thierry Jéron, Tristan Le Gall. Abstract lattices for the analysis of systems with unbounded FIFO channels. Research Report IRISA, No 1767, December 2005. details ps
  2. D. Pichardie, V. Rusu. Defining and Reasoning About General Recursive Functions in Type Theory: a Practical Method. Research Report Irisa, No 1766, November 2005. details pdf
  3. J. Leroux. Structural Presburger-definable Digit Vector Automata. Research Report IRISA, No 1718, May 2005. details pdf
  4. T. Le Gall, B. Jeannet, H. Marchand. Contrôle de systèmes symboliques, discrets ou hybrides. Research Report IRISA, No 1683, January 2005. details pdf


  1. B. Jeannet, T. Jéron, V. Rusu, E. Zinovieva. Symbolic test selection using approximate analysis. Research Report IRISA, No 1649, October 2004. details ps
  2. E. Rutten, H. Marchand. Automatic Generation of Safe Handlers for Multi-Task Systems. Research Report INRIA, No 5345, October 2004. details pdf
  3. V. Rusu, H. Marchand, T. Jéron. Verification and Symbolic Test Generation for Safety Properties. Research Report IRISA, No 1640, August 2004. details pdf
  4. B. Jeannet, A. Loginov, T. Reps, M. Sagiv. A relational approach to interprocedural shape analysis. Research Report University of Wisconsin-Madison, No 0, April 2004. details download
  5. B. Gaudin, H. Marchand. Supervisory control of Concurrent Discrete Event Systems. Research Report IRISA, No 1593, January 2004. details pdf
  6. V. Rusu. Verifying an ATM Protocol Using a Combination of Formal Techniques. Research Report INRIA, No 5089, January 2004. details ps


  1. B. Gaudin, H Marchand. Supervisory Control of Structured Discrete Event Systems. Research Report IRISA, No 1569, November 2003. details pdf
  2. B. Jeannet, W. Serwe. Abstracting Call-Stacks for Interprocedural Verification of Imperative Programs. Research Report IRISA, No 1543, July 2003. details ps


  1. E. Rutten, H. Marchand. Task-level programming for control systems using discrete control synthesis. Research Report INRIA, No 4389, February 2002. details pdf


  1. V. Rusu. Analyzing Automata with Presburger Arithmetic and Uninterpreted Function Symbols. Research Report INRIA, No 4100, 2001. details ps


  1. B. Jeannet. Dynamic Partitioning in Linear Relation Analysis. Research Report RS-00-38, BRICS, December 2000. details ps
  2. H Marchand, O. Boivineau, S. Lafortune. Optimal control of discrete event systems under partial observation. Research Report CGR-00-10, Control Group, College of Engineering, University of Michigan, USA, September 2000. details pdf


  1. S. Pinchinat, H. Marchand, M. Le Borgne. Symbolic Abstractions of Automata and their application to the Supervisory Control Problem. Research Report Irisa, No 1279, November 1999. details pdf
  2. H. Marchand, M. Le Borgne. The Supervisory Control Problem of Discrete Event Systems using polynomial Methods. Research Report Irisa, No 1271, October 1999. details pdf
  3. V. Rusu, E. Singerman. Interactive abstractions: proving safety property by integrating static analysis, theorem proving, and abstraction. Research Report IRISA, No 1256, July 1999. details ps


  1. H. Marchand, O. Boivineau, S. Lafortune. On the Synthesis of Optimal Schedulers in Discrete Event Control Problems with Multiple Goals. Research Report CGR-98-10, Control Group, College of Engineering, Univeristy of Michigan, USA, July 1998. details pdf


  1. J.-C. Fernandez, C. Jard, T. Jéron, G. Viho. An Experiment in Automatic Generation of Conformance Test Suites for Protocols with Verification Technology. Research Report IRISA, No 1035, 1997. details download
  2. H. Marchand, M. Le Borgne. Partial Order Control and Optimal Control of Discrete Event Systems modeled as Polynomial Dynamical Systems over Galois fields. Research Report Irisa, No 1125, October 1997. details pdf
  3. P. Bournai, M. Le Borgne, H. Marchand. Environnement de conception d'automatismes discrets basé sur le langage Signal. Research Report Irisa, No 1124, September 1997. details . Resort IRISA, No 1784, February 2006. details

2005B. Gaudc6W tv6sm2english.html">Resport IRISA, No 1683, January 2005. details downlT.f">AmagbegnuthoP">up:/ervi"BibAuthor">E. Dumitrescu, A. Girault, H. Marchand, E. Rutten.matis drtTiechRemscrets forolic AConto aby iduburgerced Jeannet, Thierry Jéron, Tristan Le gnal. ResearResport IRISA, No 1683, January 2005. details pdf
    1. V. Rusu, E. Singerman. sperihRept Test ass.matis lass=matisgtiJeannet, Thierry Jéron, Tristan Le gnal. ResearResport IRISA, No 1683, January 2005. details

    2004V. Rusu, E. Singerman. Resport INRIA, No 5089, January 2004. details download
  • H. Marchand, M. Le BorgneResearResport INRIA, No 5089, January 2004. details begin

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