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General information

Bib2html is a BibTEX to HTML translator. It is written in C++.

The purpose of this software is to automatically produce html pages from BibTEX files, and to provide access to the BibTEX entries by several criteria: year of publication, category of publication, keywords, author name.

An example of the resulting layout is presented here.



Latest version

Bib2html is a public project in the Inria's forge available from page. You can download the source code by using Subversion. Subversion also named SVN is a source code revision control system used by many participants in the open-source community.

The source is accessed by checking out a read-only version of the Bib2html source code.

svn checkout svn:// bib2html


Current version is 216, it can be downloaded from:


The distribution contains:

  • Full source written in C++,
  • Some icons,
  • User manual PDF
  • An example directory with some BibTEX files and configuration files.

If you download bib2html and find it useful for your work, I would appreciate your sending me a short email (to with your remark and let me known the url of your site (just to known if someone really uses this soft...). Such correspondence is mutually beneficial because I am curious to know how this software is being used, and your input can help guide future releases.

Condition of use

There are no restrictions on the use of bib2html except that I take no liability for any problems that may arise from this use.

Please understand that there may still be bugs and errors. Use at your own risk. I take no responsibility for any errors or omissions in this package or for any misfortune that may befall you or others as a result of its use.

Please report bugs to me at

When reporting a bug please tell me which C++ compiler you are using, and what version. Also give me details of your computer. And tell me which version of bib2html you are using. If you made any changes to my code I cannot do anything. If the bug occurs while parsing a bibtex file send me the bibetx file.

Last Modifications

Bib2html v216 (December 2008) : changelog, new fields, new categories, many bug correction, compatibility with inria raweb, cygwin,...
Bib2html v215 (November 2007) : Configure, .tex files for authors,...
Bib2html v214 (June 2006) : Mac OSX Intel compatibility, gcc 4.0.1
Bib2html v213 (January 2006) : Mac OSX PPC compatibility, gcc 4.0.0
Bib2html v212 (October 2005) : Handle doi references

Known bugs

Does not compile with a 64 bits OS.

Last Version
bib2html v216
Last news
December 2008
v216: changelog
November 2007
v215: Configure, tex,...
June 2006
v214: Mac OSX Intel compatibility
January, 28 2006
v213: Mac OSX PPC compatibility
October, 23 2005
v212: Handle doi references

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