D3 - Architecture

Person in charge
Steven DERRIEN (Professor Université de Rennes)


The computing landscape has dramatically changed over the past decade. Parallel computing has become mainstream technology, while the widespread of cloud computing and datacenters has led to completely redefine computer design. In the meantime, new challenges have emerged: AI is now the main driver for computing performance at both the data-center and IoT node level, while hardware security issues are now forcing computer designers to consider security as a first-class citizen, just as performance or energy efficiency.
To address all these challenges, the Architecture Department at IRISA gathers researchers from computer science, computer engineering and electrical engineering. The architecture department research topics span all major subfields of computer design: optimizing compilers, high performance microarchitectures (CPU/GPUs), embedded hardware, circuit design (VLSI, FPGA), real-time systems, and wireless sensor networks.

The department is organized in three distinct teams (PACAP, TARAN and GRANIT) whose respective research interests are depicted in Figure 1. The PACAP team focuses on High Performance computing architectures (CPU, GPUs), optimizing compilers and real-time systems. The TARAN team focuses on embedded hardware platforms and design tools, whereas the Granit team topics of interest revolve around wireless sensor network and ultra-low power embedded platforms.

Reaserch Schema with GANIT, TARAN and PACAP teams

More information: https://d3.irisa.fr/