Multiple sclerosis: IRISA joined the "ARSEP Open Day

Submitted on 16/12/2021

Multiple sclerosis : IRISA took part in the "ARSEP Open Day" to present advances in medical imaging research

On Friday 26 November 2021, ARSEP, the Foundation for the Support of Research into Multiple Sclerosis (Aide à la Recherche sur la Sclérose En Plaques), organised an "Open Day" in several cities in France, including Rennes. The aim of this day was to present research in medical imaging and immunology to people with multiple sclerosis or related diseases, as well as their families.

Conférencier sur limagerie medicale pour la sclérose en plaque, avec public assis dans une salle

This national event was a unique opportunity for patients and their families to get in touch with research in the field of their pathology. In Rennes, a dozen people discovered the SITI* platform at the CHU, dedicated to the immunological follow-up of Innovative Therapeutics, and met scientists in Immunology (Inserm and CHU) as well as scientists in Medical Imaging (members of the Empenn research team at IRISA and CHU).

For several years IRISA, and more particularly the Empenn team, has been involved in medical imaging research in the field of multiple sclerosis, some of whose projects are financed by the ARSEP.

As a major technological tool, medical imaging contributes to

  1. the diagnosis of the disease by visualising the lesions, their location and their dissemination over time     to the prognosis of the evolution of the disease with the search for bio-markers allowing the evaluation
  2. of the transformations of the lesions and the prediction of the evolution of the pathology. Medical imaging thus contributes to the prognosis of the evolution of the disease and the medical treatment to be adapted to the patient
  3. the monitoring of the disease. Thanks to artificial intelligence techniques, particularly deep learning, the development of tools for the automatic detection and delineation of lesions makes it possible to monitor the evolution of the disease and the effectiveness of medical treatment.

Advances in this field allow us to understand the pathology more precisely and to adapt the patient's treatment accordingly.

Patients and their families welcomed this initiative to discuss and exchange with scientists in this crucial area.

Participants to this Open Day organised by ARSEP at the University Hospital:

Scientists in medical imaging and members of the Empenn team: Elise Bannier, research engineer at Rennes University Hospital, Benoit Combès, Inria research officer, Olivier Commowick, Inria research officer, Malo Gaubert, research engineer at Rennes University Hospital, Anne Kerbrat, neurologist, MCU-PH at Rennes University Hospital.

Scientists in immunology: Patricia Ame, PU-PH in immunology, at the University Hospital of Rennes, Céline Delaloy, researcher at Inserm and Marion Mandon, research engineer at the University Hospital of Rennes



*La plateforme SITI (Suivi Immunologique des Thérapeutiques Innovantes) est un laboratoire regroupant les compétences techniques, scientifiques et médicales permettant le développement et la mise en œuvre des stratégies biologiques innovantes nécessaires au développement de projets cliniques ou de recherche translationnelle dans les domaines liés à l’immunologie.