Migration-06 cluster organises its 2nd Joint Migration Policy Roundtable Workshop

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About this event

The goal of the event is to raise awareness on the tools and solutions developed under the scope of these projects and how they could be adopted by all the involved stakeholders, let them be migrants, city officials, or policymakers.

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About the project H2020 ....

How to facilitate the integration of migrants and refugees with the help of digital technology ? This is the ambition of the European project NADINE with the involvement of Damien Lolive, Arnaud Delhay members of the Expression research team.

What does this project consist of? The objective of the NADINE project is to develop a new way of integrating migrants and refugees thanks to solutions that automatically adapt to the specificities of each one.
Starting from the observation that one of the main factors of integration of migrants/refugees is their ability to work, the objective of the NADINE project is ""To give back to migrants and refugees their dignity by offering them a decent job with a decent salary".

Concretely how to implement this?

The NADINE project consists, through a platform, in:

  • provide functionalities for the evaluation of skills, especially written and oral language skills
  • create tailor-made training programs to adapt existing skills to the needs of host countries, and a career guidance system
  • provide migrants with tailored information and referrals to social services, careers and administrative procedures in their new host country.
  • to create data available to public administration agencies for a better organization of migration flows.