Agile flight of aerial robots under dynamical uncertainties

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IRISA Rennes
Sihao Sun

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Aerial robots usually operate with dynamic uncertainties, such as with windy considerations, an incorrect inertial model, an unknown payload, and even an actuator failure. In this talk, I will introduce my previous and ongoing research on accurate control of air robots under these uncertainties with Incremental Nonlinear Control (INC) and Model Predictive Control (MPC).



Dr. Sihao Sun is a postdoc researcher at the Department of Cognitive Robotics at Delft University of Technology. He received his PhD degree from the faculty of aerospace engineering of TU Delft in 2020. He was a postdoc researcher at Robotics and Perception Group (RPG) from the University of Zurich, and Robotics and Mechatronics Group (RaM) in 2021 and 2022 respectively. His research interests include guidance navigation and control of aerial robotics, nonlinear control, model predictive control, robotic perception, and system identification. He's the winner of the NASA Techbrief award, the best paper award of IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, and NWO (Dutch reserarch council) Veni grant.