Wearable robotics and haptics

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IRISA Rennes
Monica Malvezzi

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Abstract :
I will present the recent research activities at the SIRSLab of Siena University on the design, development, and application of wearable robots. In particular, I will focus on wearable exoskeletons and actuated gloves for hand and upper limb rehabilitation, and on wearable devices for haptics applications, highlighting the design process steps, the role of the user in the design path, and the exploitation of soft materials and structures.

Bio :
Monica Malvezzi is an Associate Professor of Mechanics and Mechanism Theory at the University of Siena since 2018. She got the Laurea degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1999 and the Ph.D. degree in Applied Mechanics in 2003. From 2003 to 2008 she was a researcher at the University of Florence. Projects: She was the unit responsible for the University of Siena of several projects funded by Italian and European programs and by companies. Among them are the project MODELACT, founded by the MIUR within the program FIRB-Futuro in Ricerca, and the project INBOTS CSA - GA 780073, founded by EU under the program Horizon Europe.
Research interests are mechanism theory, control of mechanical systems, robotics, vehicle localization, multibody dynamics, haptics, grasping and dexterous manipulation. She is often involved in multidisciplinary projects involving both technological and human science aspects of robotics.