IRISA's Gender Equality and anti-harassment committees receive the Minerva Informatics Equality Award

Submitted on 25/10/2022
Photo du trophée en plaque
Photo du trophée en plaque

The Minerva Informatics Equality* prize was awarded on Tuesday, October 25 to IRISA's Gender Equality and anti-harassment committees

This prize rewards all the work and actions implemented by these two committees: the Gender Equality Committee created to encourage and support women's careers in computer science research and teaching. And the anti-harassment commmittee(founded after the first one) focusing on the prevention and awareness of moral and sexual harassment within the laboratory.
Congratulations to the members of these two committees!

The Gender Equality committee

Logo commission Egalité Femme-Homme IRISA
logo of the Gender Equality Commission of IRISA

The Gender Equality committee was created 6 years ago, at a time when women represented only about 18% of the laboratory's membership and even less in management positions. It was born out of an awareness that the situation was a structural consequence and not an individual problem, and therefore required collective structural solutions.

Joined more recently by the creation of the anti-harassment committee, a number of actions have been implemented, notably to

  •     raising awareness (through conferences and training)
  •     promote career development (for example, with a mentoring program)
  •     or to develop well-being and inclusion, to name but a few.

Today she can boast that the situation has evolved as the proportion of women has increased significantly, more women are defending their abilities and getting promoted, a breastfeeding room has been created and gender-neutral communication is encouraged and 90% of permanent staff followed a training course on harassment.

Visit the Gender Equality website

The anti-harassment committee

Banner of Harrassment commission


Find the website

The two committees have always worked as a group with the enthusiasm and dynamism they are known for and with strong support from the management.

*The Minerva Informatics Equality Award

The Minerva Informatics Equality Award recognises best practices in Departments or Faculties of European Universities and Research Labs that encourage and support the careers of women in informatics research and education.

The steering committee for the Minerva award are the members of the Informatics Europe Working Group Women in Informatics Research and Education (WIRE), which now are part of the COST Action European Network For Gender Balance in Informatics (EUGAIN).