A "distinguished paper Award" in secutiry for the Sipy research team

Submitted on 08/09/2022
trophée du prix
trophée du prix

For its 35th edition, three members of the Spicy team distinguished themselves once again at the CSF 2022 - IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium, held in Haifa, Israel, last August.

Congratulations to David Baelde (ENS Rennes professor and Spicy team member), Stéphanie Delaune (CNRS research director and Spicy team leader), Solène Moreau (former Spicy team doctoral student and now Inria Saclay research engineer) and Adrien Koutsos (Inria Paris researcher) for their paper "Cracking the Stateful Nut -- Computational Proofs of Stateful Security Protocols using the Squirrel Proof Assistant".

This paper adds new features to allow the analysis of stateful protocols, integrated in the Squirrel