A look back at an observation period for 3rd year secondary school students

Submitted on 28/03/2022

As it does every year, IRISA welcomes ninth-grade students for an observation period. Despite the increased use of teleworking at the beginning of 2022, IRISA and the Inria Bretagne Atlantique centre welcomed nine secondary school students to help them discover research and its various professions.
A look back at these three days of training at the end of January ...

Discovering and explaining computer science research

On Wednesday 26 January, Juliette, Amine, Zoé, Antoine, Mallory, Solal, Clara, Nolan and Simon arrive at the reception for the start of their course. Motivated, they all are! Armed with their little notebook and a pen, they want to discover what computer research is all about.

But how do you get young people in the third grade to discover computer science research? This is what some fifteen scientists, both men and women, who hold positions as researchers, teacher-researchers, engineers, doctoral students and administrative staff, will try to do.

Thanks to small workshops, games, presentations and a lot of exchanges and discussions, the trainees had their first approach to the world of computer science research, with its different professions and themes, such as bio-computing, cybersecurity, robotics and medical imaging.

The success of these few days is due to the participation of about fifteen people.  Thank you to each and every one of them.

And thanks to Laura Brisebourg for making the video.

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