My thesis in 180 seconds : Come and support our three young researchers

Submitted on 18/02/2022

Among the 16 young researchers who will take part in the "My Thesis in 180 seconds" competition on 1 March, three are at IRISA

We wish good luck to the 16 young researchers who will be taking the stage at the Espace des Sciences on Tuesday 1 March, and more particularly to Joan, Maxime and Salomé, PhD students at IRISA.

  • Joan Thibault, member of the research team Hycomes
  • Maxime Robic, member of the research team Rainbow
  • Salomé Le Franc, member of the research team Hybrid

We wish them good luck for this first stage of the MT180 competition, which will be held on 1 March at the Espace des Sciences in Champs Libres (Rennes), a qualification phase before an interregional final to be held in Vannes on 16 March. (the competition will be held in french only)


"My thesis in 180 seconds" allows doctoral students to explain their research in a convincing and accessible way. Each participant must give a clear, concise and convincing presentation of his/her research project in three minutes. Supported by the projection of a single fixed visual in the background, the aim is to capture attention and make oneself understood by choosing one's words well and by mobilising one's talents as a speaker.

Update 17 March 2022: Maxime Robic was awarded the jury prize on Tuesday 16 March at the Brittany and Pays de la Loire final. He is therefore qualified for the national semi-final which will take place on 8-9 April in Paris. Congratulations to Maxime.

Update on April 11, 2022: Maxime Robic was selected on Saturday April 09 for the national final which will take place in Lyon on May 31... Congratulations Maxime !