63 participants from 10 countries around the world have competed during the FogGuru’s hackathon Hack the Fog!

Submitted on 09/04/2021

The hackathon "Hack the Fog" is the event to promote the results of the European project FogGuru, coordinated by the Université de Rennes 1


A week ago (March 16-28), for more than 48 hours, 63 participants from 10 countries around the world have competed in the international hackaton #HackTheFog, a contest to develop an application prototype that improves the sustainability of La Marina de València. The contestants have worked in data management, based on Fog Computing technologies, extracted from the sensors installed in the port, within the framework of the FogGuru European project.
FogGuru is an european project, led by Guillaume Pierre, Professor at the Université de Rennes 1  and head of the Myriads team.

Among the three winning teams of this hackathon, IRISA is proud to see students of the master course "Cloud Computing and Networking Infrastructures" de l'Université de Rennes 1 (a team entirely made of our current and former students won the 1st prize, and another one led by an ex-student won the 3rd prize)

Congratulations to all of you!




The first place is awarded to Fog Pandits

Fog Pandits is an application that detects sedimentation problems that typically affect harbors. The accumulation of sedimentation has a negative impact on water quality and can harm biodiversity. With the help of the sensors installed at La Marina, sediment accumulation in the harbor can be predicted, and thus the management team can proactively perform preventive maintenance. This app uses sea wave sensors, a stream profiler, a water quality sensor, and a wind monitor. The application will make a map that will display the sediments and dirty spots of the areas that need to be managed.



The second place is awarded to FollowMeFog

FollowMeFog uses data from weather, traffic, etc. sensors to provide information to visitors of La Marina and the restaurants that are placed there. With this information, the restaurants can also issue promotions to customers, encouraging them to visit them when little traffic is expected.




The third place is awarded to kal-bai-saki

The Kal-bai-saki team has devised an application that controls crowds in real time, to limit the number of visitors to La Marina. The app obtains data from the people counting sensors installed at La Marina.





The Hack the Fog! hackathon was organized in the framework of FogGuru, a European industrial PhD project that aims to train the next generation of European experts in Fog Computing.
To review the award ceremony: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqp_yXMzMN4&t=731