Videoconferencing, the 14th cyber security challenge?

Submitted on 17/09/2020

Lockdown has given videoconferencing tools a considerable boost, which has been accompanied by numerous confidentiality problems. Gildas Avoine (INSA full professor, researcher at IRISA and head of the EMSEC research team, director of the GDR Sécurité Informatique) draws lessons from this sudden evolution and suggests ways to improve the security of these tools.


Gildas AVOINE © Photo Xavier PierreThe health crisis we are going through has made millions of French people discover telework. This mode of organization, from which managers were until now the main beneficiaries, has gone in a single day from a marginal situation to a practice shared by 41% of employees in the private sector. Teleworking has changed habits and brought about the emergence of new tools that have set the pace of our daily activity. Among them, videoconferencing. It is therefore legitimate to question the impact of the health crisis on the confidentiality of our exchanges, highlighting the lack of anticipation in the development of these tools and outlining the lessons to be learned. Read the article (in french) on the CNRS website ….

Also to be discovered at the éditions CNRS "13 défis de la cybersécurité" under the direction of Gildas Avoine, Marc-Olivier Killijian, who prsents the major challendes of french cybersecurity research

Portrait de Gildas AVOINE © Photo Xavier Pierre