André Seznec, 2019 Intel Outstanding Research Award Winner

Submitted on 30/06/2020

Intel sponsors and works alongside leading academic researchers around the globe in such areas as quantum computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and other emerging innovative technologies.

Andre Seznec
Each year, Intel recognizes the outstanding contributions made by Intel-sponsored academic research by awarding prizes to outstanding researchers.

In selecting the winners, special consideration is given to various aspects of the sponsored research, such as fundamental knowledge, technical challenges, effectiveness of collaboration, potential student employment, and relevance to industry, especially Intel.

These eminent researchers were nominated and selected by Intel's Corporate Research Council (CRC) and the Strategic Research Sector (SRC) Committee.

7 international researchers have been named 2019 Intel Outstanding Research Award winners.

Among them, André Seznec, Inria research director and member of the PACAP. André was rewarded for his research work on "Design trade-offs for extreme cores".

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