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EXPRESSION EXPRESSION : Expressiveness in Human Centered Data/Media EXPRESSION focuses on studying human language data conveyed by different media: gesture, speech and text. Such data exhibit an intrinsic complexity characterized by the intrication of... D6 - Media and interactions
HYBRID HYBRID : 3D interaction with virtual environments using body and mind D6 - Media and interactions
INTUIDOC INTUIDOC : Intuitive user interaction for documents The Intuidoc team focuses its research work on handwriting, gesture (2D and 3D) and documents under various aspects: analysis, recognition, composition and interpretation. We are also interested... D6 - Media and interactions
LINKMEDIA Creating and exploiting explicit links between multimedia fragments Linkmedia is concerned with the processing of extremely large collections of multimedia material. The material we refer to are collections of documents that are created by humans... D6 - Media and interactions
MIMETIC MIMETIC : Analyse-Synthèse d'une approche de simulation humaine virtuelle MimeTIC is a multidisciplinary team interested in better understanding, modeling and simulating human movement. To address this issue, MimeTIC's work is organized in a loop... D6 - Media and interactions