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GRANIT GRANIT, Green Radio and Adaptive Nodesfor IoT   In the outcoming sober low carbon society, designing low power sensors capable to be autonomous while ubiquitous with negligible energy and carbon footprint is a key challenge designers will have to... D3 - Architecture
PACAP PACAP : Processor Architecture and Compilation for Application Performance The long-term goal of PACAP is about performance, that is: how fast programs run. Traditionally, the term “performance” is understood as “how much time is needed to complete... D3 - Architecture
SUSHI SUSHI : SecUrity at the Software/Hardware Interface   Computer systems rely on computing platforms to execute user applications and host their data. These computing platforms are made of different hardware and system software and tend to grow in... D3 - Architecture
TARAN TARAN: Domain‐Specific Computers in the Post Moore’s Law EraEnergy-efficient and resilient computing architectures through hardware acceleration Energy efficiency has now become one of the main requirements for virtually all computing platforms... D3 - Architecture