Head of team
Guillaume Hiet (Professor Centrale Supélec)

SUSHI : SecUrity at the Software/Hardware Interface


Computer systems rely on computing platforms to execute user applications and host their data. These computing platforms are made of different hardware and system software and tend to grow in complexity. This growing complexity of interactions between software and hardware components raises serious privacy and trust issues in today's computer systems. To address these issues, the main research goal of the SUSHI team will be to assess and increase the security level of existing and future computing platforms at the software/hardware interface.

SUSHI is a joint team at Inriaof located on the Rennes campus of CentraleSupélec. Most of the team members belonged to the Inria CIDRE team.

The members of the SUSHI team organized the SILM thematic semester on the Security of Software/Hardware Interfaces. The goal of this semester was to promote the scientific, teaching, and industrial transfer activities in this research direction. The topics discussed during this seminar and the challenges identified have contributed to the SUSHI team's research project. We are still involved in organizing the SILM Workshop, which is now a regular event co-localized with IEEE Euro S&P.

Research themes

  • Vulnerability identification and security by design: microarchitectural attacks, (micro)architectural support for security, OS-level security, compiler support for security, binary analysis, and instrumentation.
  •  Reactive security at the host level: hardware-assisted intrusion detection and response
  •  Formal models and proofs for low-level security: formal model and proofs of hardware/software security mechanisms.

- CentraleSupélec
- Research Team CIDRE
- SILM semesters
- SILM workshop

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ENS Rennes, Inria, CentraleSupélec
Rennes et Cesson-Sévigné (35)
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