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12 "MCF/PR" positions to be filled

Within the framework of the synchronized recruitment campaign 2023 for junior or senior faculty members, IRISA is a host laboratory for 12 MCF or PR positions, in association with partner training components. Consult the page

Awards & nominations

CompCert awarded by the prestigious Association for computing machinery (ACM)

The CompCert compiler has been awarded from the prestigious Association for computing machinery (ACM), for the second time CompCert is the first multi-architecture optimising compiler used in industry with a mathematical proof of correctness verified by computer. Developed by several researchers*, including Sandrine Blazy, Professor at the Université de Rennes, Deputy Director of IRISA and member [..]

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When the press and the media talk about IRISA

When the press and the media talk about IRISA, they talk about artificial intelligence, data sciences, cybersecurity, virtual reality, energy, robotics .... To read or re-read

Voeux IRISA 2023 visuel

The members of IRISA wish you a wonderful year 2023!

visuel ECW 22

Workshop "Implementation of post-quantum cryptography"

IRISA is a partner of the EUROPEAN CYBER WEEK, the unmissable cybersecurity event in France. In the continuity of the 2021 edition, the DGA - Information Management, IRMAR and IRISA labs co-organize with the support of the Pôle d'excellence cyber, the Creach Labs, the CNRS and Inria, the second edition of the days on "Implementation of post-quantum cryptography". The objective of these days is to [..]

Awards & nominations
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IRISA's Gender Equality and anti-harassment committees receive the Minerva Informatics Equality Award

The Minerva Informatics Equality* prize was awarded on Tuesday, October 25 to IRISA's Gender Equality and anti-harassment committees This prize rewards all the work and actions implemented by these two committees: the Gender Equality Committee created to encourage and support women's careers in computer science research and teaching. And the anti-harassment commmittee(founded after the first one) [..]


Walter Rudametkin, membre junior de l'Institut universitaire de France

Congratulations to Walter Rudametkin who has been elected Junior Member of the Institut Universitaire de France. Walter Rudametkin is a professor at the Université de Rennes 1 (ESIR) since October 1st and conducts his research in the Diverse team. Specialised in the study and fight against Internet tracking, Walter Rudametkin has been running the Am I Unique website since 2014, which details our [..]

Awards & nominations
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Congratulations for the ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished paper Award obtaint by the research team Diverse

Congratulations to Quentin le Dilavrec, Djamel Eddine Khelladi, Arnaud Blouin and Jean-Marc Jézéquel for the ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished paper Award Congratulations to Quentin Le Dilavrec (Phd student, Université de Rennes 1), Djamel Eddine Khelladi (research CNRS), Arnaud Blouin (Associate professor, INSA Rennes) et Jean-Marc Jézéquel (Professor, Université de Rennes 1) who received the ACM SIGSOFT [..]