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Congratulations on receiving the best paper in energy efficiency at GreenCom 2022, in the Myriads team

Congratulations to Adrien Gougeon (Phd Student ENS Rennes), François Lemercier (associate professor CNRS), Anne Blavette (researcher CNRS, SATIE), Anne-Cécile Orgerie (research director CNRS), members of the research team Myriads, for their article "Influence of Communication Technologies in Smart Grid Power Congestion Management" for which they received a Best paper Award at 18th IEEE [..]

Awards & nominations
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A "distinguished paper Award" in secutiry for the Sipy research team

For its 35th edition, three members of the Spicy team distinguished themselves once again at the CSF 2022 - IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium, held in Haifa, Israel, last August. Congratulations to David Baelde (ENS Rennes professor and Spicy team member), Stéphanie Delaune (CNRS research director and Spicy team leader), Solène Moreau (former Spicy team doctoral student and now Inria [..]

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How can applications be made more energy efficient?

Mobile applications seem to consume more and more energy. How can we reduce the energy consumption of applications? Scientists, including Anne-Cécile Orgerie, permanent research scientist at CNRS in the Myriads team, are researching and exploring solutions for tomorrow.

Awards & nominations

The first post-quantum cryptographic algorithms are known

Once operational, the quantum computer will sweep away all the principles on which cryptography is currently based. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) launched a call for papers in 2016 to find algorithms capable of withstanding it. Of the four post-quantum resistant cryptographic algorithms selected by the NIST, Falcon is one of them, a model co-developed by Thales, IBM [..]

Awards & nominations

2nd Fondation Rennes 1 Thesis Prize for Katharina BOUDGOUST

The Rennes 1 Foundation awarded its thesis prizes to 8 PhDs from the University of Rennes 1 on Monday 4 July Congratulations to Katharina BOUDGOUST who completed her thesis in the EMSEC (now CAPSULE) research team. Thesis Director: Pierre-Alain FOUQUE and Adeline ROUX-LANGLOIS The purpose of the Rennes 1 Foundation "Progress, Innovate, Undertake" is to bring the University of Rennes 1 closer to [..]


PEPR Cybersecurity unveils its first 7 targeted projects

Led by the CNRS, Inria and the CEA, the Priority Research Equipment Programme (PEPR) Cybersecurity, which aims to support the development of the sector, presents its first 7 projects... IRISA, with its research teams dedicated to cybersecurity and Gildas Avoine, professor at INSA Rennes and pilot for the CNRS of the PEPR Cybersecurity, is at the heart of this strategy to accelerate cybersecurity.


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Discover these two new books published in March "Seriation in Combinatorial and Statistical Data Analysis" Authors: Israël César Lerman, emeritus professor of Université de Rennes 1, member of de Department D7 and Henri Leredde publisched at Springer “Concurrent Crash-Prone Shared Memory Systems: A Few Theoretical Notions” Author: Michel Raynal, emeritus professor Université de Rennes 1, member of [..]

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Join a major player in the national Artificial Intelligence strategy

Join a major player in the national Artificial Intelligence strategy IRISA is looking for three engineers specialised in AI Au sein de l'IRISA et dans le cadre du Programme National de Recherche en Intelligence Artificielle dont le CNRS est un des pivots en déployant un accompagnement des projets de recherche dans leurs besoins en IA sur tout le territoire, l'Ingénieur Spécialiste en IA participe [..]