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Atelier MACLEAN "Machine Learning and computer vision in Earth Observation: Scientific results VS Industrial needs"

MACLEAN: "Machine Learning and computer vision in Earth Observation: Scientific results VS Industrial needs" During the joint CAp and RFIAP conferences to be held in Vannes on 5-8 July (more information on these conferences), a workshop on machine learning and computer vision issues in the context of earth observation is planned for Tuesday 5 July. This workshop, organised with the support of the [..]

Awards & nominations
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Congratulations to Claudio Pacchierotti, CNRS Bronze Medal 2022

Congratulations to Claudio Pacchierotti, CNRS Bronze Medal 2022, member of the Rainbow research team Enabling physical interaction with a virtual or remote object is the challenge of Claudio Pacchierotti's work, which focuses on the use of haptics, the science that explores and exploits touch, for interaction with robotic and virtual reality systems. After a PhD in engineering at the University of [..]

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Sclérose en plaque - Primus RHU

IA leads the charge against multiple sclerosis

May 30 was World Multiple Sclerosis Day, an incurable disease that attacks the nervous system. Artificial intelligence could enable earlier diagnosis, for better effectiveness of treatments to slow its progression. Scientists are working in this direction, including the Empenn team, which is participating in the PRIMUS (Projection in Multiple sclerosis) programme, founded by the University [..]


Contratulations to Maxime, who won the 3rd prize of the jury

Congratulations to Maxime Robic, Rainbow team, who won the 3rd prize of the jury of the Ma Thèse en 180 secondes competition on the subject of his thesis: "Visual servoing of a constellation of satellites"!

Awards & nominations
Remise de prix du Best Full Paper Award lors de la conférence Eurohaptics 2022

Congratulations to the Rainbow team for the Best Full Paper Award at Eurohaptics 2022

Congratulations to Inès, Claudio, Marie and Maud members of the Rainbow team... Congratulations to Inès Lacôte (PhD student Inria), David Gueorguiev (Researcher ISIR), Claudio Pacchierotti (Researcher CNRS), Marie Babel (Associate Professor INSA), Maud Marchal (Professor INSA) for the paper “Speed Discrimination In The Apparent Haptic Motion Illusion“ They have won the Best Full Paper Award during [..]


It's today at 6.30pm! Support Maxime!

They were 600, now they are only 16! Support Maxime Robic, doctoral student in the Rainbow team, tonight at 6:30 pm on site, or live on the Facebook page, the YouTube channel and on the competition website.

Awards & nominations

Congratulations to Sandrine Blazy, winner of the ACM Software System Award

ACM, « Association for Computing Machinery » the world's largest computer science society, announced on May 11 the winners of four prestigious awards. These leaders were selected by their peers for making contributions to groundbreaking research and practical applications that impact people using technology every day. Among these 4 prestigious awards, the ACM Software System 2021 Award recognizes [..]


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Discover these two new books published in March "Seriation in Combinatorial and Statistical Data Analysis" Authors: Israël César Lerman, emeritus professor of Université de Rennes 1, member of de Department D7 and Henri Leredde publisched at Springer “Concurrent Crash-Prone Shared Memory Systems: A Few Theoretical Notions” Author: Michel Raynal, emeritus professor Université de Rennes 1, member of [..]