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Leader: Jean-Marie BONNIN (IMT Atlantique)

Enabling Affordable Smarter Environment

The EASE proposal aims to help pervasive application designers in the development phase as well as to ease the life cycle management. We will develop a comprehensive set of new interaction models and system architectures following three main principles:

  • We would be able to enrich and to manage locally data produced in the environment. By proposing data-centric service architectures, the developer must be able to identify simply the data he/she wants to collect. In return the application would then be able to build their knowledge about their environment (perception) in order to adjust their behavior (eg. level of automation) to the actual situation.
  • Pervasive applications should be able to describe requirements they have on the quality of their environment perception. We would be able to achieve the minimum quality level adapting the diversity of the sources (data fusion/aggregation), the network mechanisms used to collect the data network/link level) and the production of the raw data (sensors).
  • Rebuilding a complete virtual mirror of the environment is often required, and out-off-silo designs generally relies on cloud-based approaches. We want to leverage local properties and direct interactions between objects to propose new service architectures to avoid the need for such a reconstruction of the reality. Concretely, the research objectives proposed for the EASE project are divided into three axes divided in subaxes. For each sub-axe, we present the research objective and the expected results.

Axis 1  - Collecting pertinent information

  • Data characterization
  • Data fusion
  • Assessing the correctness of the behavior

Axis 2 - Building relevant abstraction for new interactions

  • Tagging the environment
  • Taking advantages of the spatial and temporal relationships

Axis 3 - Acting on the environment


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Created since: : 09 November 2018
Associated establishments: IMT Atlantique de Rennes,  Inria, Université de Rennes 1 
Location: Campus de Beaulieu à Rennes, et locaux IMT Atlantique à Cesson-Sévigné