Head of team
Olivier BARAIS (Professor Université Rennes 1)

DIVERSE : DIVERsity-centric Software Engineering


The main objective in DiverSE is to automatically compose and synthesize software diversity from design to runtime to address unpredictable evolutions of software intensive systems. We address this objective through 4 main research axis:

  1. software language engineering
  2. software variability
  3. software adaptation
  4. software diversification.

Research areas

The research in DiverSE is organized around 4 research axis:

  • Software Language Engineering to handle the diversity of languages used by the stakeholders involved in the construction of software intensive systems
  • Software Product Lines to address the diversity of features required by the different customers of these systems
  • Distributed architecture and deployment to handle the diversity of runtime environments in which software has to run and adapt
  • Software diversity and testing to enhance the resilience of software.

These four axis share and leverage the scientific and technological results developed in the area of model-driven engineering in the last decade. This means that all our research activities are founded on sound abstractions to reason about specific aspects of software systems, compose different perspectives and automatically generate parts of the system.

Industrial and International Relations

International collaborations

  • SINTEF, ICT (Norway):  System development using models for building distributed applications running on heterogeneous environments.
  • University of Luxembourg, (Luxembourg): DevOps, Software Reconfiguration
  • KTH: Anti-fragility, DevOps
  • CWI: model-driven language engineering
  • University of Namur: Software Product Line Engineering

Industrial Collaborations

  • Saffron: MBSE
  • CEA: SLE
  • Thales: MBSE
  • Obeo: Domain-specific modeling
  • Orange: Secure software engineering
  • Nokia: Internet of Things


Reporting institution
Inria, Université de Rennes, CNRS, INSA Rennes
Rennes (35)
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