Congratulations to our two doctors who received the Rennes 1 Foundation thesis prize

Submitted on 04/04/2023

Congratulations to Daniel De Almeida Braga who was awarded the 1st prize for his thesis

Daniel De Almeida Braga did his thesis in the EMSEC research team (which gave rise to Spicy).
Title of the thesis: Cryptography in the Wild: The Security of Cryptographic Implementations
Thesis supervisors: Pierre-Alain FOUQUE, Professor at the University of Rennes and Mohamed SABT Lecturer at the University of Rennes.
Abstract: The objective of this thesis is to analyse the standards and implementations of cryptographic mechanisms, in order to ensure their security. Overall, my work has highlighted and corrected various vulnerabilities impacting widely deployed implementations. Faced with the recurrence of these vulnerabilities, I sought to identify the origin of their persistence and to propose perennial patches based on formally verified implementations.

Microarchitectural attack, Password Authenticated Key Exchange (PAKE), Auxiliary channel attack, WPA3, constant-time

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Congratulations to Xi Wang who was awarded the 2nd thesis prize

Xi Wang completed his thesis in the Virtus / Mimetic research team.
Title of the thesis: Robustness of visual SLAM techniques to light changing conditions
Thesis supervisors: Marc CHRISTIE, Senior Lecturer, University of Rennes and Eric MARCHAND, Professor, University of Rennes.
Abstract: SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) is a technique used in various applications such as augmented reality, self-driving cars, and filmmaking, which helps to locate devices and map the environment simultaneously. However, there are many challenges that can affect the performance of this technique, which makes it difficult to operate successfully in all circumstances. My thesis aims to improve the ability of robots to use SLAM by breaking down the system into different parts and addressing each challenge separately and finally help robots to operate better under different conditions and make SLAM more reliable.

SLAM, robotics, image features, visual tracking, relocation

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The purpose of the Rennes 1 Foundation "Progress, Innovate, Undertake" is to bring the University of Rennes closer to companies in order to promote innovation and socio-economic development. Each year, it awards a 1st prize and a 2nd prize for a thesis in each research sector of the University of Rennes to the work with the greatest potential for innovation and/or technology transfer.