Congratulations to the Rainbow team for the Best Full Paper Award at Eurohaptics 2022

Submitted on 31/05/2022

Congratulations to Inès, Claudio, Marie and Maud members of the Rainbow team...



Congratulations to Inès Lacôte (PhD student Inria), David Gueorguiev (Researcher ISIR), Claudio Pacchierotti (Researcher CNRS), Marie Babel (Associate Professor INSA), Maud Marchal (Professor INSA) for the paper Speed Discrimination In The Apparent Haptic Motion Illusion

They have won the Best Full Paper Award during the 2022 EuroHaptics conference, which was held in Hamburg from 22nd to the 25th of May.
The EuroHaptics conference is a major international conference on haptic science and technology and the primary European meeting for researchers in the field. Sponsored by the EuroHaptics Society, the conference is an interdisciplinary forum for presenting the latest research on haptic perception, technology, and applications, networking with haptic researchers from academia and industry, and inspiring new collaborations and initiatives.