The Lagadic group : Visual servoing


Lagadic is an Inria research group located both at Inria Rennes Bretagne Atlantique and Inria Sophia-Antipolis Méditerranée. The Lagadic part in Rennes is also an Irisa group.

Our research mainly deals with robot vision, visual servoing, real time visual tracking and SLAM for applications in localization, manipulation, navigation, medical robotics and augmented reality.

To validate their researches, the team exploit robotic experimental platforms. Since many years, Lagadic develop and maintain also ViSP, an open source software under GPLv2 license.

11 october 2016
2e edition of the Handbook of Robotics
16 August 2016
ViSP is used by Intel
18 December 2015
ViSP 3.0.0 released
23 December 2014
Bertand Delabarre Ph.D. defense
15 September 2014
Romeo from Aldebaran Robotics arrives
1st September 2014
Vincent Drevelle join the team

Research areas


Visual servoing

  • Choice and modeling of visual features
  • Task sequencing
  • Navigation using an image memory
  • Visual servoing from echographic images

Image processing, 3D localization

  • 3D localization: Virtual visual servoing
  • Real-time image processing

Non robotic applications of visual servoing

  • Augmented reality
  • Computer animation

National, international and industrial actions

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Project leader

François Chaumette
+33 2 99 84 72 55
Assistant : +33 2 99 84 22 52 (Hélène de la Ruée)


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