GT Daal - Data, Automata, Algebra & Logic - will take place at IRISA

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IRISA Rennes
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The GT Daal meeting will take place at IRISA between the April 25 and 26 2024



The Data, Automata, Algebra, and Logic Working Group (GT DAAL) is one of the working groups of the GDR Informatics and Mathematics (GDR IM). The GDR IM is split into three clusters – Algorithms and combinatorics, Formal calculus, arithmetic and geometry and Logic and complexity – and the GT DAAL belongs to the third cluster.


DAAL is interested in the study of mathematical formalisms related to the following areas:

  • database theory
  • automata theory: on various structures (words, trees, orders,…), quantitative, probabilistic automata,…
  • logic: specification or query formalism, model theory, algorithmic issues (model-checking, satisfiability, containment, synthesis…)
  • games: in logic, verification, model theory, set theory,…
  • algebra and topology

The applicative impact of our research lies in the foundations of program and database verification.