Séminaire SoSySec : Privacy Challenges in the Era of Deep Learning: Risks and Solutions

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IRISA Rennes
Salle Pétri/Turing
Mohamed Maouche (Inria Lyon)

SoSySec seminar
Software and Systems Security
Inria - Rennes
December 1st, 2023, 11:00
In-person: Turing-Petri
Remotely with BBB: https://bbb.inria.fr/all-t0p-qjq-9em / Access code: 192737

Mohamed Maouche (Inria)

Privacy Challenges in the Era of Deep Learning: Risks and Solutions


The surge of deep-learning systems has developed an imperative to construct large
datasets for their training. However, this growth in data collection also brings forth
significant privacy concerns that the entire data pipeline at risk. These concerns
manifest from the initial data acquisition stage, where the risk of data owner
identification and sensitive information extraction emerge, to the final model
deployment phase, where the model itself can be leveraged for inference attacks,
including membership, reconstruction, and attribute inference.

In this talk, we examine the diverse array of privacy risks inherent in this data pipeline
and present a range of proposed solutions. These solutions are presented through
practical use cases, such as speech anonymization within Automatic Speech
Recognition (ASR) systems and decentralized collaborative filtering for recommender
systems. Additionally, we delve into the distinctions between one-to-one
anonymization techniques and synthetic data generation methods.


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- URL: https://bbb.inria.fr/all-t0p-qjq-9em
- Access code: 192737


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