[CAPSULE] Soutenance de thèse d'Agathe CHERIERE le 19/12/23 à 10h - Salle Métivier

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IRISA Rennes

Titre : Side-Channel Resistance of Cryptographic Primitives Based on
Error-Correcting Codes

For about three decades, we have been aware of attacks targeting implementations
of cryptosystems, exploiting physical information such as execution time.
Naturally, questions arise about the threats these attacks pose to the upcoming
industry deployments of post-quantum schemes.
In this thesis, we focus on the resistance of error-correcting code-based
cryptographic algorithms against side-channel attacks. We specifically studied
two schemes, ROLLO and BIKE, which were candidates for the second round of post-
quantum standardization organized by NIST.
Through our research, we demonstrate that their constant-time implementation is
notably vulnerable to attacks using power consumption analysis. To demonstrate
these vulnerabilities, we employ techniques such as machine learning and linear
algebra. Furthermore, for both scheme, the attack requires a single trace of
power consumption to recover the private key.
Following the identification of these vulnerabilities, we propose countermeasure
strategies to prevent these attacks while maintaining constant-time operation.


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Composition du jury
1. BATINA Lejla – Professeur -Université de Radboud
2. WACHTER-ZEH Antonia -Professeur -Université technique de Munich
3. RENAULT Guénaël - ANSSI Rennes et chercheur associé INRIA Saclay
4. SENDRIER Nicolas - Directeur de Recherche -INRIA Paris
5. FOUQUE Pierre-Alain -Professeur -Université de Rennes
6. RICHMOND Tania - Maîtresse de conférences - Université de Nouvelle-Calédonie
7. GERARD Benoît - ANSSI Rennes et Chercheur associé IRISA Rennes
8. LOIDREAU Pierre - Ingénieur DGA et membre de l’IRMAR Université de Rennes