Towards a better understanding of the molecular and phenotypic evolution of fish gonads

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IRISA Rennes
Florent Murat (INRAE)

As a newcomer to Rennes, the main objective of this presentation is to introduce myself and my scientific interests to the bioinformatics community in order to identify future potential collaborations. After an engineer’s degree in genomics and bioinformatics, I shaped my scientific path towards the understanding of the molecular bases of phenotypic evolution in various groups of organisms. First, I completed my PhD focusing on the structural and evolutionary plasticity of plant genomes in Clermont-Ferrand using ancestral genome reconstruction methods. Next, I performed my postdoctoral training at Heidelberg University (Germany) where I led a project on the molecular evolution of spermatogenesis across mammals using single-cell techniques. I recently joined INRAE-LPGP in Rennes as a Research Scientist (CR) where I’m going to develop a research program on the molecular and phenotypic evolution of fish gonads using large-scale comparisons of omics data across fish species.