Séminaire SoSySec : Security and privacy in personal data management systems

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Nicolas Anciaux (INRIA)

Security and privacy in personal data management systems

Nicolas ANCIAUX (Inria)

Personal Data Management Systems (called PDMS) provide individuals with a hardware and/or software solution to manage their data under control. From a data management and security/privacy perspective, the issues involved are complex and differ significantly from the traditional database setting. The emergence of trusted execution environments (such as Intel SGX) could be a game changer. This presentation will aim to (1) review different approaches for PDMS and the potential contribution of trusted runtime environments, and (2) discuss some issues related to collective processing of personal data (citizen portability), compliance with user consents, or protection against information leakage at runtime.

The talk will take place remotely via BigBlueButton (BBB) in the following room:
https://bbb.inria.fr/all-t0p-qjq-9em (Access code: 192737).
The session will be recorded.


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