Séminaire SoSySec : Canadian and Québec approaches to contact tracing

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BBB: https://bbb.irisa.fr/b/kor-d63-mr4 access code: 829310
Sébastien GAMBS (Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada)

Contact tracing applications have been deployed in many countries as a complementary measure to fight Covid-19 by enabling to automatically notify individuals who have been in contact with infected persons. However, the choice of the design of a particular application is not innocent as it has a direct impact on its security as well as on the privacy of its user. In this talk, I will review the proposition of contact tracing applications that have emerged in the last months in Canada and Québec, comparing in particular their security and privacy properties. Finally, I will conclude by discussing some ethical issues raised by the deployment of these applications.

The presentation will be given in English and take place remotely, via Big Blue Button (BBB), in the following room https://bbb.irisa.fr/b/kor-d63-mr4 (access code: 829310). It will be recorded.

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