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September 2014Xuan-Quy DAO PhD defense
July 2013Best EEA thesis of Tudor Bogdan Airimitoaie
July 2013Sebastien Beyou PhD defense
November 2012Pierre Dérian PhD defense
December 2011Christophe Avenel PhD defense
June 2010Curves and Surfaces 2010 best poster award attributed to Christophe Avenel
January 2010Fluminance is an associate team with the Laboratorio de Fluido - dinámica, CONICET, from the University of Buenos Aires

Fluid Flow Analysis, Description and Control from Image Sequences

The FLUMINANCE research group is dedicated to the study of methods for the measurement, the analysis or the control of fluid flows from image sequences. The group aims at providing in the one hand image sequence methods devoted to the analysis and description of fluid flows and in the other hand physically consistent models and operational tools to extract meaningful features characterizing or describing the observed flow and enabling decisions or action. Such a twofold goal is of major interest for the inspection, the analysis and the monitoring of complex fluid flows, but also for control purpose of specific flows involved in industrial problems.

The scientific objectives of the project decompose in three main themes:

The analysis of geophysical flows in environmental sciences and flows involved in experimental fluid mechanics are the principal application domains of the group.

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